Scalable IoT prototyping projects to test your business idea

We create prototypes to test your IoT solutions with agility in just a couple of weeks. A proven prototype can be cost-effectively replicated to test your business in production with 10-100 devices.

Together with our partners we can scale your proven IoT business to a mass market.

Core technologies

Raspberry Pi logo

Raspberry Pi

When you need to build something that connects the cloud and the physical world – almost always the best option is some version of the Raspberry Pi. Read why from this blog post.

Check out one of our Raspberry Pi powered products:
The Enlapser 5K.

Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation

Linux logo


Linux is running the Internet and it will most certainly also run the Internet of Things in the future.

We believe this and we design our IoT solutions to be secure and robust with years of Linux server experience.

Arduino logo


Low powered/battery operated and super simple interfaces to sensors, actuators.

We love the Arduino Pro Mini 3v3.

Arduino® & logo are trademarks of Arduino, LLC, USA.